OH MY GIRL’s Hyojung Gains Attention For Pulling Off Her Comeback Showcase In Impossible High Heels Made Of Glass

We couldn’t imagine being in her shoes!

OH MY GIRL recently came back with “Golden Hourglass.” To fit the dreamy concept, Hyojung wore an outfit that reminded us perfectly of Cinderella.

The blue satin dress with glittery ruffles at the hem served.

She looked like she had just popped out of a fairytale!

That was not the most shocking detail about the outfit. During the initial portion of the showcase, Hyojung had donned impossibly high heels. What was even more fascinating was that they were made out of glass!

Walking and dancing in high heels is already impressive, but Hyojung surprised fans by becoming a real-life Cinderella with her glass slippers.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Gasp! She looks just as pretty as a princess in a fairytale, but I hope she’s careful when she walks.
  • Wow.
  • It’s fascinating that she can stand on one leg.
  • But she’s so pretty and fresh.
  • Wow, they look like shoes made of water.
  • They’re pretty, but be careful walking!
  • It suits her outfit. She really looks like Cinderella.
  • Feels like she’d get a cramp…
  • What’s more is they look a little big. She has to be careful.
  • Scary… She’s gonna twist her ankle.

Kudos to Hyojung for slaying in such impossible high heels!

Source: Theqoo