OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee Reveals The Reason For Her Mistake On Stage During The 2020 SBS Gayo Daejun

It was an honest mistake!

If you guys tuned in to 2020 SBS Gayo Daejun that aired over Christmas, you’d know that OH MY GIRL did a stellar cover of T-ARA‘s “Sexy Love”! As part of a special corner for songs you listen to in hiding, the girls re-enacted one of the earlier generation’s most loved hit songs.

Hyomin from T-ARA was so grateful she posted the performance on her Instagram.

| theqoo

She thanked the girls for the lovely Christmas present, claiming it “the best Christmas gift during such an ordinary year-end break. As expected, Santa lives up to expectations! I love you, Santa & SBS Gayo Daejun MMTG #ITZY #OHMYGIRL #SOPRETTY #ButWhyIsSeungheeLaughing kkkkkk

It turns out that Seunghee had laughed when she wasn’t supposed to on stage!

Seunghee personally left a comment for Hyomin, explaining the situation.

| theqoo

She sweetly commetned, “sunbaenim…I’m really grateful, really, really. You said, let’s not laugh ever, be serious and soulless, do it like real dolls. We tried to think of that as we ascended the stage but during the latter half of the performance, I suddenly thought, am I acting too much like a human, and of course, following that I thought, but I’m a human….? So I bursted out laughing immediately… Sigh…this is due to my lack of concentration. I’m sorry… I’m still far from it…

What an adorable mistake! Check out the full performance below!


Source: theqoo


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