OH MY GIRL’s YooA Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors

She denied cosmetic procedures as well.

OH MY GIRL‘s YooA recently took to a live stream to deny rumors of plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures. According to the singer, she had long been plagued by comments online that accused her of having gotten lip fillers as well as having cut the inner corners of her eyes.

YooA explained that she was highly sensitive in particular, to the swelling of her body and face. As her facial features often change drastically with swelling, it is easy for others to assume she had procedures done. YooA revealed that she tries hard to keep her body health and condition in check in order to reduce such swelling.

It is easy for one’s face and body to swell due to poor health and blood circulation. In YooA’s case, she swells up if she is fatigued. However, as an idol, being tired due to schedules is inevitable. YooA thus can look different from day to day depending on her health.

YooA shared that on some days, she would even avoid eating so as to prevent her body from swelling from sodium content. She would not even sleep in the car so as to appear perfect during schedules.

Through her hard work in taking care of her body, YooA revealed that during recent promotions for “Dun Dun Dance”, her body and facial features are not as swollen. However, people ended up assuming she had lost weight instead.

YooA revealed that the facial feature that bloats the most is her lips. Although she has had thick lips since her childhood days, they were further emphasized after she became an idol and had an irregular sleep schedule.

During their rookie days, YooA faced similar problems as well. This photo was taken just one day before…

| MBN Star

…this photo.

| YooA My Angel

For the recent comeback with “Dun Dun Dance”, it seems like her hard work has paid off indeed.

We hope her health issues will subside soon!


Source: theqoo