“It’s Okay Not To Be Okay” Actor Oh Jung Se Moves Hearts By Keeping His Promise To A Fan With An Intellectual Disability

He met the fan again 2 years later.

Once in 2020, actor Oh Jung Se moved hearts when he went all out for a fan with an intellectual disability. Cellist Bae Boum Jun has autism. He saw Oh Jung Se in the hit K-Drama It’s Okay Not To Be Okay and related to the character of Moon Sang Tae so much that he bugged his sister to reach out to Oh Jung Se. The cellist wanted to spend some time with “Sang Tae” and be his friend. To his delight, Oh Jung Se not only agreed to take him out for a day at Lotte World, but he also showed up in character as Sang Tae!

Oh Jung Se (left) with Bae Boum Jun (right) in 2020. | @hpccp_icw/Instagram

Oh Jung Se touched the hearts of many with his kind and sincere gesture. Bae Boum Jun’s sister also publicly thanked Oh Jung Se through the cellist’s official Instagram page.

Thank you, Oh Jung Se. I don’t really watch K-Dramas, but I fell in love with the character Moon Sang Tae, so much so that I ended up fixing up my dusty TV to watch the series on the air.

When my brother saw the scene in which Sang Tae cries and screams at Ko Moon Young’s fan meeting event, he related deeply with Sang Tae and said that he needs to protect Sang Tae and make Sang Tae feel better.

Since then, my brother has been begging me to take him to see Sang Tae. He would list everything he wanted to do with Sang Tae — like going to Lotte World, riding a camping car, and more. I eventually tried reaching out to the actor Oh Jung Se. To my surprise, Oh Jung Se replied and said he would meet my brother!

— Bae Ji Soo, Bae Boum Jun’s Younger Sister

It seems like Oh Jung Se has done it again! In 2022, fans received word that Oh Jung Se had taken Bae Boum Jun out for another day of fun. Oh Jung Se had gone ahead with the plans right after he was free from self-quarantine.

Oh Jung Se (left) with Bae Boum Jun (right) in 2022. | @boumjun_bae/Instagram

It was heartwarming to see that their friendship was going strong even after two whole years. While Oh Jung Se was not in his Moon Sang Tae get-up this time, he cared for Bae Boum Jun like a real brother. Bae Boum Jun’s sister thanked the star once more.

“Boum Jun, let’s go to the theme park~” Boum June and his hyung finally met at the theme park after being released from social distancing. Yesterday, on Sunday, they went around all day with their hands held. Hyung kept his promise while Boum June protected his hyung. ^^

— Bae Ji Soo, Bae Boum Jun’s Younger Sister

It seems like the star had promised to return to the theme park with the cellist. The gesture moved netizens.

Netizen reactions to the news. | theqoo

  • “Really…I can’t believe such people exist.”
  • “So cool…”
  • “How touching…”
  • “Ah, this is an emergency.”
  • “Wow, it’s been so long…since I read about a happening and felt goosebumps in a good way. He’s such a good person. I hope he continues to rise in the future.”
  • “Oh Jung Se…Good…”

Not only did Oh Jung Se show kindness to his young fan, but he also previously shed more light on the struggles of mental health and disability through his stellar performance as Moon Sang Tae in It’s Okay To Not Be Okay.

Source: theqoo