An Old Habit That Almost Made BTS’s Suga Lose His Title Song “Haegeum”

What a relatable man, though.

BTS‘s Suga is a musical genius, as attested by his industry seniors, peers, and critics. As a genius, most things he does are unachievable for ordinary people. But he has one little habit which reminds you that the mighty Suga, too, is, after all, a human. And it almost cost him the title track of his new album D-Day.

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Suga also has a reputation for being an organized person. Whether it be following his tight schedules or packing for a trip, or planning a whole album rollout, he is meticulous about attention to detail. Until it’s time to save a song on his computer.

During his promotional activities for D-Day, the rapper has been sharing stories about how each track on the record was produced. He revealed that the beat of “Haegeum,” his title track, was written three years ago. He created it around the same time he made “Daechwita,” the title track of his second mixtape, D-2.

In his recent Weverse live, Suga shared a funny story about how he couldn’t find his project files for “Haegeum” when he finally sat down to resume working on it. The reason was that he had saved the file under the name “Deep Bbak,” which in Korean means “pissed as f*ck.” While sharing the story, he himself started wondering what had happened back then to make him so annoyed.

Though this is the first time Suga shared a story of him almost losing his project files, his habit of saving songs with random file names is not news to fans. There have been multiple instances in the past where they found Suga had named his projects as the immediate feeling or vibe he was experiencing at the moment while working on them. There was the legendary music file saved as “i don’t like edm” on his computer that ARMYs spotted from a Twitter post he had made,

and then, there was him saving the “Honsool” demo as “Chile, I’m hungry” because he was in Chile, and well, hungry.

Given that Suga works endlessly on producing new songs daily, who knows how many more demos might be lost on his drive because he can’t remember what he saved them as! To think that so many bangers’ fates are hanging by a loose thread on his computer…somebody needs to hire a catalog maker right now!


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