Old Photos Of “Produce 48” Contestant Spark Plastic Surgery Rumors

Viewers want to know if she got a nose job!

Produce 48 contestant Cho Yuri is not a new face to K-Pop idol-related TV show viewers. She was also a part of the idol-training program Idol School, which led to the debut of the girl group fromis_9.

She received a lot of attention on Idol School for being Weki Meki member Yoojung‘s lookalike.




Viewers pointed out that when Cho Yuri appeared on Idol School, she had a different nose shape.


Now, on Produce 48, Cho Yuri has a pointier nose — a feature often desired by Koreans and shaped by different plastic surgery options.


Some believe she had a non-surgical “Filler (필러, an injection that augments the nose)” nose job done.

  • “Her chin looks obvious too, when she sings.”

  • “It’s a completely different nose. She probably got it done after signing with an agency and preparing for Produce 48.”

  • “She’s a Yoojung copycat.”

  • “A filler could never do that to a nose. That’s 100% surgical.”

  • “If that’s what fillers can do, sign me up.”

Others believe she had a full-on plastic surgery, not only on her nose but all over the face like her chin.


As the debate grew hot, many came to call out these comments as being unnecessarily cruel.

  • “Stop commenting on other people’s faces.”

  • “LOL. I can guarantee she’s going to become more successful than anyone who is commenting about her nose.”

  • “Why is there so much hate? This isn’t even constructive criticism. You guys, stop. You are hating.”

  • “She’s beautiful and talented.”

  • “Stop hating, you crazy b*tches. You all must have such low self-esteem to be doing this. Just because she’s not in front of you doesn’t mean you can criticize her like this. You guys go so low… Such idiots with no class.”

Source: NATE PANN and The Qoo