South Korean Olympic Archer An San Under Fire For Suspicions Of Being A Feminist

Male community sites have been hating on her.

Following MC JaeJae‘s feminist controversy, male community sites have turned their target to Olympic Archer, An San, instead. The consistent hate she had been receiving caused her to change her Instagram biography to include a small note to say she would not be reading her DMs any longer.

| “I don’t think I can read my DMs… Sorry.” | theqoo

It started when a netizen had asked her why her hair was short. Of course, An San replied that it was “because it’s comfortable“, but the answer failed to satisfy male community sites. According to male community sites, short cuts on females are a sign of feminism.

  • Netizen: “Why did you cut your hair?”
  • An San: “Because it’s comfortable.”
| theqoo

Her use of the word “oh-jo-oh-eok” was also pointed out by such sites. The term is used to mean “many” or “a lot”, given that it means 5,000,500,000,000 in full. Although it originally does not have a negative or feminist connotation, the term came to be associated with feminism, alongside phrases such as “ung-aeng-ung” which got TWICE‘s Jihyo into a controversy with male sites previously. The term “oh-jo-oh-eok” however, is widely used by young teens in South Korea, regardless of gender.

A male community site brought up the fact that An San had used both terms on social media previously. Upset with the alleged “evidence” that the national player seemed to be feminist, male community sites began sending her hate and labeling her as a feminist.

| theqoo
  • “She’s hit rock bottom.”
  • “I’m cutting ties with her.”
  • “Short cut, ung-aeng-ung, oh-jo-oh-eok… there’s a high chance.”
  • “Too many coincidences.”
| theqoo

In response, others of the younger generation have been sending her hopeful comments instead, urging her to sue the haters.

Congratulations to An San once again for an amazing showing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

Source: theqoo