Olympic Figure Skaters Cha Jun Hwan And Yuzuru Hanyu Had An Adorable Interaction… But It Was Unexpectedly Ruined

Netizens couldn’t believe it!

It seems as if Olympic fever has gripped the world as countries gather in Beijing for the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Despite all of the controversies, it has been a great way for netizens to see the talent each country has to offer. One event gaining a lot of attention is male figure skating.

Korean figure skater Cha Jun Hwan has been going viral for his idol-like visuals both off the ice and during the recent events during the event.

Cha Jun Hwan | Olympics
| MBC News 

Another skater who has been gaining love from netizens since he started competing professionally is Japanese athlete Yuzuru Hanyu.

| Olympics/ YouTube
| Olympics/ YouTube 

Of course, with both skaters seemingly two of the most popular, netizens couldn’t wait for interactions between them. Past clips from previous competitions have resurfaced, showing the friendship between the skaters, despite the seven-year age difference.

Cha Jun Hwan (left) and Yuzuru Hanyu (right) | @ifsmagazine/ Twitter
| @ifsmagazine/ Twitter

Well, netizens were eagerly anticipating the same this year, especially after the duo were within the top six for the recent event and had the same coach Brian Orser. It seemed as if they were going to get just that as the two sat in the same area, waving adorably…

| @icyyuzujun/ Twitter 

Well, it was going to get even better as the cameras shot Cha Jun Hwan and Yuzuru Hanyu going for a hug. Fans waited as the two leaned in…

| @seokmin_is_/ Twitter 

But just as they hugged each other, netizens couldn’t believe the fact that the moment had been covered by Korean subtitles.

| @teamkrlvr/ Twitter

Of course, when this happened, netizens couldn’t believe it, with one sharing, “Subtitles, why aren’t you moving out of the way.” Even a Japanese fan added, “Cha Jun Hwan and Yuzuru Hanyu’s hug was blocked by subtitles.”

Even though the Olympics is a competition, viewers love nothing more than seeing their favorite athletes interact and show that winning isn’t always everything. For many, the subtitles “ruined” the one chance netizens had to see two of the best and most popular figure skaters interact.

Hopefully, there will be more chances for the two to showcase their friendship with more events to come. In the meantime, you can read more about Cha Jun Hwan below.

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Source: @teamkrlvr

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