OMEGA X Make A Triumphant Return With Their Performances At The “Hanteo Music Awards 2022”

They gave a phenomenal performance even without a company supporting them.

In November 2022, fans voiced their immense support for the K-Pop boy group OMEGA X as news surfaced that their company, Spire Entertainment, was mistreating and abusing the members.

OMEGA X | @omega_x__for_x/Instagram

As more and more news came to light, fans were desperate for OMEGA X to leave Spire Entertainment, which the members successfully did after filing a lawsuit to suspend their contracts.

On January 11, 2023, OMEGA X won their lawsuit against Spire Entertainment, much to the relief of fans.

We have judged that the basic relationship of trust has disappeared and it is difficult to maintain a normal contractual relationship at this time.

If the contract is continued as valid, the members’ entertainment activities are expected to be greatly restricted.

— Seoul Eastern District Court

After the news of their win, OMEGA X thanked fans for supporting them.

Hello, this is OMEGA X.

We have won the injuction against the agency today to suspend the validity of our exclusive contract with them.

Thanks to all of your support that you extended to us, we were able to achieve this result.

Thank you for your concern and support all this time.

We love all the FOR X so much, thank you.

We will repay you with better music and great performances.

Thank you.



Since then, fans have been hopeful for the future of the group. OMEGA X includes members who were previously survival program contestants and other K-Pop boy group members, so fans are especially rooting for them to succeed.

| @omega_x__for_x/Instagram

Since OMEGA X are not currently signed to an entertainment company, fans have wondered what the group’s future will look like. Fortunately, members have been keeping fans updated on their Instagram accounts.

But OMEGA X recently made their first appearance since their lawsuit at the Hanteo Music Awards 2022.

OMEGA X showed off their undeniable talents in their performances for the second day of the awards show. They performed a phenomenal cover of SEVENTEEN‘s “Don’t Wanna Cry.”

Along with another incredible cover of Shinhwa‘s “I Pray 4 U.”

But perhaps their best performance was of their unreleased song “Dream,” which was composed by Hangyeom and choreographed by Hangyeom and Junghoon.

Hangyeom and Junghoon showing off the choreography they made | @j6hyun/Twitter 

Not only did OMEGA X show off their immense talents, proving they were born to be performers…

But fans applauded how amazing the performances were despite how difficult it must have been for OMEGA X to prepare everything without a company to help them with styling, makeup, traveling arrangements, or even recording and stage equipment.

Their incredible determination only speaks to how passionate they are as artists and how much they care about their fans.

Fans can look forward to all that OMEGA X will continue to impress them with.

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