OMEGA X Wins Lawsuit Against Spire Entertainment — Contracts Have Been Suspended

OMEGA X have won the lawsuit.

Boy group OMEGA X have won their lawsuit against Spire Entertainment, resulting in their exclusive contracts with the company being suspended.

According to an exclusive report from SBS, OMEGA X won the injunction against Spire Entertainment to suspend the validity of their exclusive contracts. This decision means that the 11 OMEGA X members are now allowed to continue their entertainment industry activities with no restrictions, free from the control of Spire Entertainment.

On January 11, the 21st Civil Affairs Department of the Seoul Eastern District Court ruled in favor of OMEGA X to suspend the exclusive contracts for all 11 members of the group. The court ruled in favor of OMEGA X based on the premise of difficulties in maintaining trust between the agency and the artist.

We have judged that the basic relationship of trust has disappeared and it is difficult to maintain a normal contractual relationship at this time.

If the contract is continued as valid, the members’ entertainment activities are expected to be greatly restricted.

— Seoul Eastern District Court

It was also noted that the court acknowledged the verbal and physical abuse that the OMEGA X members were subjected to were not accidental and that former CEO Kang used suspension of their activities to threaten the members. They also noted that the trust between former CEO Kang and the members was irreparable due to violating the members’ personal rights, with instances such as cancelling the members’ flight tickets to return to Korea after their concert in the United States.

Law Firm S lawyer Noh Jong Eon, who represented OMEGA X in this case, spoke briefly to SBS about the case.

This case is a case where the court brought attention to the atrocities of an agency that trampled the dreams of young people.

We welcome this ruling that respects human dignity and is based on common sense.

— Noh Jong Eon

The OMEGA X members have also posted a notice on their Instagram page, thanking their fans for sticking with them.

Hello, this is OMEGA X.

We have won the injuction against the agency today to suspend the validity of our exclusive contract with them.

Thanks to all of your support that you extended to us, we were able to achieve this result.

Thank you for your concern and support all this time.

We love all the FOR X so much, thank you.

We will repay you with better music and great performances.

Thank you.



Back in November, it was revealed that Spire Entertainment was mistreating the OMEGA X members. Following a series of more revelations, CEO Kang resigned from her position.

Source: SBS

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