OMEGA X’s CEO Allegedly Made Rude Comments To Jaehan And Yechan’s Female Co-Stars In Webdrama

“Don’t flirt!”

The appalling abuse that OMEGA X members had been facing at the hands of their CEO was recently exposed to the world. The members had been facing verbal and physical abuse, and a clip at a hotel overseas was also revealed by SBS News.

After the video was publicized, many fans began to step up on Twitter to share the abuse that the boys had faced. Some fans lamented how anxious the members were whenever their CEO was around.

My heart hurt so much when I saw how [they] froze up, or their hands began shaking whenever their CEO appeared on site. I witnessed the power trip their CEO was on, as I decided to make this go public no matter what.

— Fan

Another fan shared how the CEO had not only been abusive to the members but had also shown rude behavior to the people around them. As members Jaehan and Yechan were the stars of the BL drama A Shoulder To Cry On, they had to work with other actors and actresses. According to the fan, the CEO had rudely warned the actresses not to flirt with the boys.

In June, during Jaehan and Yechan’s filming for A Shoulder To Cry On, their CEO suddenly said to the female actresses, ‘don’t act foxy,’ ‘don’t flirt‘ and messed up the vibes on set. The members were at a loss for what to do, and seeing how they could not say a word, my heart hurt. I think that this needs to go public.

— Fan

Spire Entertainment‘s CEO has since denied accusations of power tripping and abuse, although she admitted to a few instances of blowing her fuse. Read more about the case below.

Spire Entertainment Releases Official Statement Explaining What Happened, Following The OMEGA X Member Abuse Allegation

Source: SBS

Spire Entertainment’s Abuse of OMEGA X

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