Omega X’s Parents Revealed To Have Paid For The Group’s Costume And Styling At The “2022 Hanteo Music Awards”

The harsh difficulties of operating without an agency were revealed.

Omega X might have successfully solved their issues with ex-company Spire Entertainment and returned to activities, but it is an uphill road. It was recently revealed that they are currently pursuing activities without an agency. They have a manager who left the company with the group, but things have been difficult without a group dorm and a practice room.

On February 24, 2023, it was reported through JTBC News that the boys had to reach out to their parents for help. Although they were invited to the 2022 30th Anniversary Hanteo Music Awards ceremony in December 2022, the boys had to gather money for costume rental, hair, and makeup. Ultimately, they received support from their parents, who paid for the 11 members’ expenditure.

In November 2022, Omega X opened fire against their former agency and CEO for various abuse. Ultimately, they were released from their contract with the agency and had been operating independently ever since. Read about their abuse here.
Source: jtbc