ONCEs Furious Over TWICE & KB Card Fan Meeting Gone Wrong

“When is a TWICE event ever this empty? I think it’s fair to be suspicious.”

When the South Korean banking company KB Card announced a special TWICE fan meeting for its debit cardholders, ONCEs were thrilled for another opportunity to see the girls up close.


For those who want to attend, the rule was to apply and spend at least $400 on their KB debit cards. KB Card was to select 400 attendees out of those who were deemed eligible.

Most fans who applied shared news that they didn’t make the cut. ONCEs believed the competition to have been fierce, as fans from all over the nation  tried their luck so they could go see their favorite girl group up close.


Unfortunately, when this picture from the said “Special Fan Meeting” began circulating, fans couldn’t stay calm. With half of the seats empty, and rumors of most of the attendees being KB Card associates, fans are becoming more upset.

Fans are starting to believe the “conditions” for eligibility were fake and that from the very beginning, this fan meeting was planned solely for the employees.


Videos from the fan meeting also captured several empty seats in the audience.


As all fan meeting opportunities are precious to the fans, this particular one is under fire for having been an “insiders only”. KB Card is yet to respond to the backlash, but ONCEs grow more suspicious by the minute.

  • “If this is real, this is really bad.”

  • “Not even $40 but $400? And they pull this? Are they kidding?”

  • “This is why all company-based events should be transparent.”

  • “I’m a fan so I used over $400 on the card to become eligible. I didn’t make it though.”

  • “When is a TWICE event ever this empty? I think it’s fair to be suspicious.”

  • “Isn’t this like… fraud? Making the fans spend $400 for this…”

Source: Instiz