Here’s Why ONCEs Are Crowning TWICE’s Jihyo As “The Spoiler Queen”

Did you notice this? 🌵

TWICE has become known for their iconic spoilers to let ONCEs in on the secrets of their upcoming comebacks. While one might expect Jihyo, the group’s leader, to be the strongest against spoilers, she recently proved herself to be the group’s spoiler queen for their album Formula Of Love: O+T=<3.

Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

During the group’s recent sixth anniversary celebration, the members all wore costumes that worked as Korean puns related to the number six. Jihyo went as a succulent, which in Korean is “da-yuk-ie.”

Yuk” is also the Korean word for 6.

While ONCEs initially assumed this was the only meaning behind Jihyo’s costume, they soon learned that she had used this opportunity to embody her biggest spoiler of all.

Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

When the tracklist for TWICE’s third full album was released, fans were quick to notice a track titled “Cactus (선인장)” with Jihyo credited. Cacti are famously a part of the succulent family.

Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

ONCEs belatedly realized that Jihyo was wearing her new songwriting credit with pride. This may be because this is her first credit as both lyricist and composer.

With the reveal of this spoiler, ONCEs took to Twitter to share just how impressed they were with Jihyo’s costume.

Some were overwhelmed as TWICE had promised there were going to be no spoilers.

One ONCE found an old photo of Jihyo with a cactus and caused curiosity about how early Jihyo’s cacti inspiration may have begun.

The consensus seems to be that ONCEs are deeply amused by their new spoiler queen.