All Of TWICE’s 2021 Halloween Costumes For Their 6th Anniversary Explained

All the Korean puns explained.

TWICE recently held a live stream to commemorate their 6th anniversary. As always, they made sure to wow fans with intricate Halloween costumes. Here’s a picture from their previous year.

This year, there was a special theme. The girls tried to fit into the theme of “6” for their 6th anniversary and picked costumes that were puns on the number 6 in Korean. Didn’t get the joke? Read on for the explanations behind each costume. Before we begin, keep in mind that 6 in Korean is “yuk“.

1. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung decided to be the 6th sided shape guard from Squid Game, for obvious reasons.

2. Jihyo

As 6 in Korean is “yuk“, Jihyo decided to be a succulent, which is “da-yuk-ie” in Korean.

3. Dahyun

Dahyun decided to be hulk, the muscle man, as muscle in Korean is “geun-yuk“.

4. Momo and Sana

The lovely girls decided to go as “yuk-gae-tang“, a spicy stew.

5. Jungyeon

Jungyeon went as a carnivorous dinosaur as carnivore in Korean is “yuk-sik“.

6. Tzuyu

Tzuyu relived her iconic Idol Star Athletic Championships archery costume, as ISAC in Korean is “ah-yuk-dae“.

7. Nayeon and Mina

Last but not least, Nayeon and Mina went as a mom and baby because child-rearing in Korean is “yuk-ah“.

Did you enjoy TWICE’s costumes this year? We can’t wait for 2022.

Source: theqoo


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