ONCEs Uses Their Love of TWICE to Help Students In Need

We’re sure Nayeon must be proud!

ONCEs decided to use their love of TWICE to help those in need…by donating money for scholarships!

Eagle eyed ONCEs noticed something odd when they went to the Gangdong District Office.

Under the office’s “Hall of Fame” tree (in which the leaves are make up of plaques with donators’ names), fans noticed that “TWICE Nayeon” was listed as a contributor.

While we don’t know which fan project is connected to this donation, ONCEs banded together and donated 1 million won (~$893.50 USD) to the Gangdong Scholarship Fund.

We love how ONCEs use their fandom power to help others, and we’re sure Nayeon is proud that her name is being used for a good cause as well!


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