One Produce 48 Contestant Is Blowing The Competition Away With Her Dancing

She is definitely one of the best dancers the show has seen!

Produce 48 is full of new talent to be discovered, but trainee Lee Chae Yeon from WM Entertainment is particularly blowing the viewers and the judges’ minds with her out-of-this-world moves.


Since her appearance on the third season of K-Pop Star, with her younger sister Lee Chae Ryeong, Lee Chae Yeon has always been the judges’ favorite when it came to dancing.

Both Lee Chae Yeon and Lee Chae Ryeong signed to train with JYP Entertainment as soon as this program ended.


Lee Chae Yeon also appeared on SIXTEEN and though she didn’t make it to the debuting group, she left an impact on the viewers with the sheer amount of talent that she has.

After this, Lee Chae Yeon left JYP Entertainment and began training with WM Entertainment. Her sister is still with JYP Entertainment and is rumored to debut with the next girl group produced by the agency.


On Produce 48, her third “competition” type of TV program, Lee Chae Yeon came more than ready to rise to the top and debut as a K-Pop girl group member. Lee Chae Yeon is dominating as one of the best dancers on the show!

Her freestyle dance has gone super viral and wowed everyone.

“Wow, this is so worth watching!” — Judge Bae Yoon Jeong


So far, Lee Chae Yeon has secured the #10 spot in the Top 12. She is training with Group A!


Fans who have watched her grow from show to show are also ready to see Lee Chae Yeon finally succeed and become a global K-Pop star!

  • “Chaeyeon, I’m rooting for you!”

  • “I only watch because of her.”

  • “She still dances so well and she knows how to sing too. Let’s debut!”

  • “I don’t get why she still hasn’t debuted.”

  • “Her moves had me going “Whoa” the whole time. Why doesn’t my body move like that?”


Watch Lee Chae Yeon’s jaw-dropping freestyle and other dance vids here:

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