One Rookie Model Goes Viral For Being That “Perfect 50-50” Between Actresses Han So Hee And Shin Se Kyung

The resemblance is uncanny! 😮

Not much is known about the South Korean rookie model Cha Joo Young

Model Cha Joo Young | @chajoozero/Instagram

… except the fact that she’s a spitting image of two well-known actresses in the media industry! According to netizens who “discovered” Cha Joo Young, she’s half Han So Hee, from the hit K-Dramas The World of The Married and Nevertheless

Cha Joo Young (left) and Han So Hee (right) | @chajoozero/Instagram & COSMOPOLITAN

… and half Shin Se Kyung, from Run On! The resemblances are uncanny…

Cha Joo Young (left) and Shin Se Kyung (right) | @chajoozero/Instagram & NAMOO Actors

… and netizens remain pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous rising model! In addition  to having gone viral online as the “Han So Hee + Shin Se Kyung” lookalike, Cha Joo Young have convinced some others that she’s twinsies with ITZY‘s Ryujin

Cha Joo Young (left) and ITZY’s Ryujin (right) | @chajoozero/Instagram &

… actress Jeon Yeo Been, from Vincenzo

Cha Joo Young (left) and Jeon Yeo Been (right) | @chajoozero/Instagram & ELLE Magazine

… and even actor Yoon Si Yoon, from Train!

Cha Joo Young (left) and Yoon Si Yoon (right) | @chajoozero/Instagram & @moa_ent/Instagram

That being said, netizens look forward to seeing more of Cha Joo Young and her blessed face of many charms — beyond being a fascinating doppelgänger to her senior celebrities.

Check out Cha Joo Young in a January 2021 commercial for the cosmetic brand SHISEIDO Korea. Beautiful, right?

Source: Dispatch and THEQOO