Here’s The One Song Fans Most Want On BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Setlist

The song would “take over” Las Vegas.

For BTS‘s first concert of 2022, “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE,” they are holding both a three-day concert event in Seoul, South Korea, as well as four in-person concerts in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Seoul concerts start on March 10th, and the Las Vegas concerts start on April 8th.

Fans are incredibly excited about the new content from getting to see BTS performing live again, especially since Jin, V, and the director of the Seoul concerts, Ha Jung Jae, have given some spoilers about what fans can expect.

For instance, Jin sadly revealed that he could not perform “Super Tuna” at the concert, although he was offered an alternative.

And despite many of the member’s careful hiding of any setlist spoilers…

V did not seem to mind that he spoiled two of the songs in the upcoming setlist for the Seoul concerts.

But fans have received the most hope from Ha Jung Jae’s commentary, as he specifically explained that the way the setlist was chosen for the Seoul concerts was entirely different from how BTS has previously chosen concert setlists.

Usually, recently released albums and songs are given priority for concerts, but for the “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” setlists, no BTS songs were off the table.

We put all of BTS’s songs on the table – songs they’ve never performed publicly before, songs the members want to perform for the fans, songs fans may want to see, and more, and discussed it with the members.

— Ha Jung Jae

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Similarly, the director also shared that the setlist will change for each concert, even between the three concerts in Seoul.

Because of the idea that BTS could be performing older songs that fans have not seen them perform in a while, fans, of course, took to Twitter to share which songs they hoped might be incorporated into the setlist.

And while BTS has an incredible amount of songs in their repertoire, fans have seemed to come to a consensus about which song they most want to see performed at BTS’s upcoming concerts.

A song that often is repeated on people’s ideal setlist is “Pied Piper.”

“Pied Piper” is a song about the conflict between fans’ priorities, BTS versus life responsibilities. And, because of the rude choreography, fans believe that it would especially be the perfect addition to a Las Vegas setlist.

Fans are eager to see the incredible harmony between Jin and V again.

And can’t fathom how attractive Jungkook would look performing this song with his tattoos and piercings.

All the members shine during the song and choreography, and fans are hoping for more deadly fancams.

Featuring J-Hope and Jimin‘s incredible dancing.

And RM‘s phenomenal stage presence.

And more of Suga‘s rarely seen body rolls.

Although fans might not survive a new performance of “Pied Piper,” they definitely are hopeful that the song will be included in at least one of the upcoming setlists.