One Thing Always Happens Whenever BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Lisa Go Shopping

They can’t help it!

In an interview released by The Swoon, BLACKPINK revealed exactly what happens whenever Jennie and Lisa go shopping…and it’s super relatable!

The girls were asked which member would end up not buying the things that they need when they go shopping.

Who is most likely to go shopping and end up buying everything other than what they intended to buy?

— The Swoon

Jisoo and Jennie picked Lisa, Lisa picked Jennie, and Rosé picked both Jennie and Lisa.

After seeing each other’s answers, they agreed that both Jennie and Lisa share the same shopping habits.

Jennie agreed with her members and hilariously admitted that she would have picked herself if she could.

Without fail, one thing always happens whenever she and Lisa shop: they have a hard time reigning in their passion for cute things!

If Jisoo and Rosé are more goal-oriented when they go shopping…

…Jennie and Lisa are easily distracted.

In Lisa’s case, she has an especially difficult time refusing cute things for her cats. It’s another reason why she really is the best cat mama out there!

We can totally imagine Jennie and Lisa fawning over cute things when they go shopping.

Watch the full video below.

Source: The Swoon