Over One-Third of a Church Near Seoul Confirmed to Be Infected With COVID-19

46 out of 135 believers of the church were tested positive overnight.

It’s been reported that 46 cases related to the River of Grace Church in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province have been confirmed for COVID-19.

Ahead of the confirmation, 6 believers including the pastor and his wife were confirmed for the virus between March 9 to 15.

On March 8, River of Grace Church held a worship service despite the government’s strong recommendation to halt church services in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

River of Grace Church shut down their church for 2 weeks from March 9 to 22.

As soon as new cases of COVID-19 arose, all 135 believers who attended the church between March 1 and 8 were tested, and 40 of them were tested positive in addition to the original 6 cases from the church.

This news gained particular interest due to the infamous “cult”, Shincheonji, which caused a massive spread of the virus around Korea.

“Religious Cult” Known as “Shincheonji” Revealed to Be at the Center of Coronavirus Outbreak in Korea

With so many cases having arisen due to another church, there is great worry among the citizens for another possible spike in coronavirus numbers within the country.



Source: Jungang Ilbo