ONEWE’s CyA Unfollows And Removes All Collaborations With ONEUS’s Ravn Following Gaslighting And Cheating Accusations

The two have collaborated multiple times in the past.

Fans of the groups ONEUS and ONEWE know that members of the two groups often collaborate together on songs both for official releases and SoundCloud tracks. One such pair that have collaborated is ONEWE‘s CyA and ONEUS‘s Ravn.

ONEWE’s CyA | RBW Entertainment

ONEUS’s Ravn | RBW Entertainment

Following the gaslighting and cheating allegations against Ravn made by an alleged ex-girlfriend, CyA has since unfollowed Ravn on his SoundCloud account and deleted the songs that the two collaborated on. CyA is still following ONEUS member Leedo‘s Soundcloud account.

CyA’s Soundcloud profile

Ravn’s Soundcloud profile.

CyA’s following list on Soundcloud. 

CyA has appeared in the credits of ONEUS’s “Crazy and Crazy,” and “Dizzy” and worked with Ravn on both tracks.  Both groups’ official accounts have also shared the pair’s “unofficial” collaborations as well.

| RBW Entertainment

| RBW Entertainment

Neither RBW Entertainment nor Ravn have released statements about the allegations. ‘