ONEUS Announce May Comeback Through Exciting New Teaser

Has the group become computer hackers?

ONEUS has announced that they will be making their comeback on May 11 with their 5th mini-album, BINARY CODE.

| @official_ONEUS/Twitter

The group released their first full-length album, DEVIL, in January with the title track “No Diggity.”

On April 22, a mysterious teaser video was shared through the group’s Twitter account. The clip featured computer graphics and showcased the new album’s name, release date, and logo.

Earlier in the month, rumors circulated that ONEUS was reported to make a comeback. Fans quickly started to notice hints that pointed to a new album release.

It seemed as if some of the members had been giving fans spoilers for some time whether through their “No Diggity” video, tweets, and online video content.

Also, like with their January comeback, many fans noticed that the group changed their feature image on their fancafe several times.

| @ONEUS/Fancafe
| @ONEUS/Fancafe

After the teasers were released, fans took to social media to try and guess the concept of their latest album. With the video replicating computer coding, it seems as if the possibilities are endless.

With not long to go before their comeback, make sure to watch the video for their track “No Diggity” below!

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