ONF’s Wyatt Reveals The Reason Why He Wanted To Keep His Mother’s Death A Secret From His Members

She passed away right before their comeback.

Boy group ONF recently made their fun summery comeback with “Popping,” and as a part of their promotional activities, the boys made a guest appearance on the radio program, Idol Radio. As they discussed a variety of topics regarding their comeback, there was one particular heartbreaking subject that has been making headlines.

ONF | WM Entertainment

ONF member Wyatt confessed that in the midst of the group’s most recent comeback preparations, his mother passed away. And while that alone is heartbreaking news, the ONF member explained the reason why he chose to keep it a secret from his other group members in the beginning.

ONF’s Wyatt on “Idol Radio” | MBC

This was something that I agonized about for a bit, but right before our recent comeback, my mother passed away. I wanted to keep it a secret from all my members because we were in the middle of our comeback preparations and it was a hard time for all of us. So I didn’t want to add any additional burdens onto them.

— ONF’s Wyatt

As he continued on with his story, Wyatt revealed that ultimately, he decided to tell J-US, who is one of the group’s leaders. What happened next just proves the warmth, the love, and the never-ending support that was shown by the rest of the ONF members.


I called J-US hyung and told him the situation since there are things that needed to be done. I told him there’s a chance I might not make it [to scheduled promotions]. I asked him not to tell anyone else, but he told me, ‘what do you mean. Where are you?’ Within seconds of the call, everyone came to me.

— ONF’s Wyatt

Following this, Wyatt relayed his gratitude for his fellow ONF members for going above and beyond during his tough time.


The thought I had back then was, if it weren’t for my members, I don’t think my mother would have been able to rest in peace. My members contacted everyone for me. They contacted people I knew, the people that my mother liked, staff members, B1A4 hyungs, OH MY GIRL members, they all came and stayed with me until the end.

I’m able to live my life with so much warmth these days because of my members.

— ONF’s Wyatt

We cannot imagine the heartbreak Wyatt must have experienced with the loss of his mother. May she rest in peace.