Ong Seong Wu Will Enlist In The Military On April 17

Serve well, Ong Seong Wu.

Ong Seong Wu will be enlisting in the military on April 17.

According to an exclusive report from JTBC, Ong Seong Wu will be enlisting for his mandatory military service on April 17. He recently received his enlistment notice from the Military Manpower Association. Due to this, he will complete all of his current schedules, including K-Drama filmings, by the end of March so he can prepare for his enlistment.

Ong Seong Wu’s agency Fantagio has also confirmed he will be enlisting soon.

Hello, this is Fantagio.

We would like to express our gratitude to WELO for their generous love and support towards Ong Seong Wu.

We would like to inform you about his military enlistment.

Ong Seong Wu will begin his basic military training starting on April 17 and fulfill his national duty as an active solder in the military.

There will be no official event to minimize traffic congestion on the day of his enlistment and fans should refrain from visiting the boot camp venue as it is a private event with a large number of soldiers, personnel, and family members seeing their children off.

We ask for your support and love for Ong Seong Wu, who will faithfully fulfill his national duty and return in good health.

— Fantagio

Born in 1995, Ong Seong Wu debuted through Produce 101 Season 2‘s winning group WANNA ONE and has since established himself as a well-known actor, starring in At Eighteen, Life Is Beautiful, and more. He is currently filming for Strong Woman Gang Nam-soon.

Source: JTBC and Fantagio
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