This Behind-The-Scenes Clip Of Ong Seongwu’s Kiss Scene Will Make You Feel All Sorts Of Things

Their chemistry is crazy.

Ong Seongwu stars in JTBC’s drama More Than Friends with costar Shin Ye Eun. Recently, a behind-the-scenes clip of the two was released as they prepare for a library kiss scene.

Understandably, the two start off full of nerves — and it’s seriously adorable.

To make things less nerve-racking, the director gives an unintentionally hilarious explanation of how to go about the kissing scene using his hands.

Honestly, who can blame Shin Ye Eun for her shyness?

However, when it comes time to film, Seongwu becomes serious and asks if she’s ready.

Finally, it was time for the kiss!

The costars created a sweet and passionate scene full of chemistry.

Even their height difference is endearing!

Watch the full behind-the-scenes clip for yourself below.