Ong Seongwu’s Modest Speech At The 2019 Korea Drama Awards Moves Korean Netizens

“I know a lot of viewers don’t know who I am…”

At the 2019 Korea Drama Awards, Ong Seongwu took home the award for “Male Rookie of the Year”, for his fascinating interpretation of the role of Choi Jun Woo in the K-Drama series At Eighteen.


Ong Seongwu commented that he felt “embarrassed” to be honored at a celebration for actors because he believed he is “too insignificant for any kind of recognition”. His modest and heartfelt acceptance speech now has WELOs appreciating and rooting for the idol-turned-actor even more than before.

I am really nervous right now to be accepting this award because I honestly don’t think I deserve the honor to be here as an ‘actor’ yet. I know that I’m far from being any good enough to be receiving any kind of recognition. I’ll take this award as a drive and motivation to continue working harder and become an actor who puts heart into the work.

— Ong Seongwu


Ong Seongwu added that he looks forward to sharing with the world his passion for acting. He promised to “make himself more known” among the public by putting more effort into maturing as an actor.

And I know a lot of viewers don’t know who I am and what I think or how I feel about acting. I’m going to make sure that I genuinely put all my dedication into acting so that soon everyone knows about my passion for it. I look forward to becoming a more mature actor Ong Seongwu. Thank you.

— Ong Seongwu


Through the role of Choi Jun Woo which won him the rookie award, Ong Seongwu showed great potential of becoming a solid and steady actor in the Korean movie and drama industry.

Ong Seong Wu Receives Praise From Producers For His Acting In “At Eighteen”


WELOs are celebrating Ong Seongwu’s first rookie actor award with the hashtag #옹성우_신인상_축하해(#OngSeongwu_RookieAward_Congratulations). They can’t wait to see the versatile performer-actor Ong Seongwu take on more roles and appear all across the stage and the screen!


Watch his emotional award acceptance here: