Ong Seong Wu, Shin Ye Eun, and Kim Dong Jun Confirmed For Upcoming JTBC Youth Romance Drama

The visuals are insane.

Ong Seong Wu, Shin Ye Eun, and Kim Dong Jun have been confirmed for JTBC‘s upcoming youth romance drama Chances of Going from Friends to Lovers.

JTBC confirmed their new Friday-Saturday drama Chances of Going from Friends to Lovers will star Ong Seongwu, Shin Ye Eun, and Kim Dong Jun, and filming has begun in earnest. Expectations are rising between the three leads for their visual combination that will realistically portray the sweet romance between youth in their 20’s.

Chances of Going from Friends to Lovers is a real youth romance drama between a man and a woman who have had a crush on each other for 10 years. Both the man and woman have hid their true feelings for a long time, and now that the man has realized his true feelings, the story of how they try to become real lovers will cause viewers great excitement.

Ong Seong Wu will play the role of Lee Soo, a self-centered man in the face of love who is also a very skilled and handsome photographer. He is the definition of a person who is self-confident and shows personal satisfaction. His heart begins to falter when Kyung Woo Yeon appears in his life.

I’m very nervous and excited to be able to greet everyone with a new work and character this year. Please look forward to the drama, which is full of youth themes, and the story of Lee Soo and his story of coincidences. I will work hard to show you an improved image of myself.

— Ong Seong Wu

Shin Ye Eun will play the role of Kyung Wooyeon, a woman who has had a crush on Lee Soo for 10 years. She is the type who, once she gets hooked on something, will become completely immersed in it. She boldly quit her previous job and became a calligraphy artist. When Lee Soo and On Jun Su enter her life, her heart begins to change.

It’s an honor and I am very grateful to be able to greet everyone with a new drama. I’m happy that I will be able to be with you, with a warm drama for the warm days of summer. As many people are sending their support, I will do my best to repay your expectations. I’ll try to become an actress who takes the next step forward.

— Shin Ye Eun

Kim Dong Jun will play the role of On Junsu, the man who came to find Kyung Woo Yeon. The representative silver spoon child, he is the man with everything, including wealth, academics, appearance, and personality. He has a closed mind regarding love due to his painful first love, but that changes when he meets a special woman.

When I first received the script, I was very excited by the character of On Junsu. I want to be able to portray the growth and emotions of On Junsu, a gentle and straightforward man.

— Kim Dong Jun

The drama is directed by Choi Seong Bum PD, who worked on My ID Is Gangnam Beauty. It will be written by Jo Seung Hee, who won JTBC’s 2017 Drama script contest. The drama is expected to air in the second half of 2020.

Source: Xportnews