Fans Show Concern After Two Fourth-Generation Groups’ Scheduled Performances Are Linked To A Homophobic Cult

Celebrities with ties to the church cult have been criticized.

Recently, fans were shocked to learn that OnlyOneOf and Cherry Bullet‘s announced festival appearance is linked to a cult.

OnlyOneOf | 8D Entertainment
Cherry Bullet | FNC Entertainment

On September 26, it was announced that OnlyOneOf would be performing at the 2023 Korean Dream Festa For Korea United, something that initially thrilled fans. Also included on the event’s flyer was the FNC Entertainment girl group Cherry Bullet.

As the performance is in a few days, the notice seemed a little late, but there is a reason for this โ€” the two groups were not included initially in the lineup. The original poster shows that B1A4 and H1-KEY were originally listed as performers.

B1A4’s company, WM Entertainment, later shared they were not attending and had no links to the organizations involved, which led fans to research the event.

Hello, this is WM Entertainment.

We would like to inform you that our artist, B1A4, does not have any events scheduled on October 3, 2023. We are aware of the fan concerns regarding a certain event. However, we hereby confirm that we are not associated with it. Also, please be assured that the company and its artists are not associated with any specific organizations.

Thank you.”

โ€” WM Entertainment

In the original poster, one of the organizations involved in the event is theย Global Peace Foundation, founded by the son of Moon Sun Myung, the founder of the Unification Church.

The Unification Church’s members, also known as Moonies, believe that the founder was the Messiah and have been linked to problematic mass weddings and the assassination of Japanese Prime Ministerย Shinzo Abe.

Moon Su Myung | Ahn Young-Joon/AP

The Moon Sun Myung was also known for his strong stance against homosexuality, saying that gays would be “eliminated” in a purge. OnlyOneOf, in addition to starring in an upcoming BL series, have had queer storylines in their past releases, making fans worry for their safety.

Fans of the groups have begun trying to spread awareness, with LyOns attempting to reach out to 8D Entertainment regarding OnlyOneOf’s participation. Many also criticized the company for negligence in booking the group to perform at this event.

The group gained infamy in the US a few years ago for including rifles in their service just weeks after a mass shooting.

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