Typical “Oppa” Transports Little Sister From the Airport in a Big Plastic Bag

She had just come back from the States, so he took some precautionary COVID-19 measures.

In light of COVID-19 is currently spreading all over Europe and North America, a Korean “oppa” and how he handled his little sister who just came back from the States is going viral online.

Recently, a post titled, “Little Sister Self-Isolates” surfaced in an online community, showing what a big brother did to his little sister as soon as he picked her up from the airport.

The poster, appearing to the big brother himself, explained the situation of how his sister came back to Korea.

With COVID-19 spreading in the States, school is cancelled, and New York, where my sister was residing, is the most serious, so we decided to bring her back.

– Netizen

He continued that he had to take extra precautionary measures because there’s a baby in his house.

Since we have a baby in our house, we have to be extra careful, so I made sure to isolate my little sister.

– Netizen

The attached photos show his little sister being transported by a car while completely wrapped in a big plastic bag.

The brother added some humor to the serious situation by captioning the photo, “OMG.

And the second photo shows the little sister at home, trapped inside her room with a large piece of plastic covering her door and windows.

He stressed that she’ll be isolated for 2 weeks, but also expressed his affection for his sister as well.

I hope she’s okay. She’ll feel stuffy for 2 weeks, but I pray that she survives it and comes to see her niece soon.

– Netizen

Although COVID-19 is no laughing matter, the post has gone viral for how well it conveys the relationship between a typical brother and sister.

Props to them for taking appropriate measures!

Source: Dispatch