After Singing An OST For K-Drama “Snowdrop,” Jamie Miller Spills On Which K-Pop Idol He Wants To Collaborate With — And Now It Needs To Happen

Collab when?

Speaking on local Malaysian radio show, JoHaRa Pagi ERA, Welsh-born artist Jamie Miller was asked which K-Pop idol he would most like to collaborate with, and he had the best answer.

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As the show’s hosts noted, Jamie Miller gained popularity in Korea after singing the OST for the K-Drama Snowdrop, starring Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo.

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I noticed you’ve got a song [in] a K-Drama. And I believe that now your reach is not just the English speaking community, you now have Korean fans.


— JoHaRa Pagi ERA

So, given that he has already featured in Korean media, the hosts asked him if he was interested in collaborating with someone from the K-Pop industry, saying, “If there was a Korean artist or a singer or K-Pop star, would you collaborate with [them] and who would it be?”

The hosts jokingly told Jamie Miller to think carefully, but he did not need to. He did not hesitate to say that he would love to collaborate with Jisoo herself, who is actually one of his favorite singers!

I would say, honestly, Jisoo is one of my favorite singers. She’s so cool. We’ve gotten to speak a bunch and she’s awesome. So I would say Jisoo is one of them.


— Jamie Miller

Seeing as they both worked on the same K-Drama, it’s no surprise Jamie Miller came to respect Jisoo’s talent as an artist. Jisoo herself refused to sing for Snowdrop‘s OST (for the best reason), but there’s no doubt that a collaboration between these two stellar artists would be legendary.

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Now there’s nothing more that fans want than a version of his song “Here’s Your Perfect” with Jisoo!

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But as it turns out, Jamie Miller isn’t a fan of just Jisoo. He also declared that he would be very interested in working with THE BOYZ, who have shown that they’re also big fans of his.

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I would also say THE BOYZ. They have shown a lot of support for me throughout the past few years. And I’ve listened to their music and I think it’s absolutely incredible…

— Jamie Miller

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Given their legendary performance talent, THE BOYZ would certainly also make a great collaboration with Jamie Miller. Lead vocal Jacob has proven he can easily pull off Jamie’s songs, to the point where even Jamie himself was so impressed that he tweeted a video of Jacob singing “Here’s Your Perfect.”

So the question is, collab when?

Fingers crossed Jamie gets his wish and collaborates with one of these K-Pop idols!

If you’d like to see the full clip from the radio interview, you can do so on the link below.

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