Former Topp Dogg Member P-Goon And Former BP RaNia Member Yumin To Join “We Got Divorced”

Hopefully, it’s not as awkward as it sounds…?

Former Topp Dogg member P-Goon and former BP RaNia’s Yumin will be appearing on the show We Got Divorced as its 5th celebrity couple. 

Yumin (left) and P-Goon (right) in their wedding photo.

Unlike the famous Korean show We Got of Married, where celebrities engage in a fictional relationship, the spin-off We Got Divorced features real divorced celebrity couples. 

| TV Chosun

P-Goon and Yumin were said to have dated a year before they got married in the year 2018. Shortly after the marriage, also in 2018, Yumin gave birth to a baby boy.

It was reported later that the two had separated and officially divorced in 2019. The couple was married for 6 months.

Yumin and P-Goon had not met since 2019, according to We Got Divorced. Viewers anticipate the ex-couple’s appearance on the show — especially as the first idols to take part in the show.