P NATION Has A 12 Year Old Trainee Born in 2009 — And He’s About To Debut In An Upcoming Boy Group

How young is too young?

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P NATION and JYP Entertainment‘s collaborative audition program, LOUD is well underway as they near the show’s finale episode. As the two agencies seek to debut their upcoming boy groups with talented trainees from all over the world, one particular trainee has caught the attention of netizens for his young age.

Poster for “LOUD” with Park Jin Young (left) and Psy (right) | SBS

Meet Tanaka Koki, the youngest trainee that is currently signed under P Nation. The Japanese trainee was born in 2009, making him only 12 years of age this year.

Tanaka Koki’s “LOUD” poster | SBS

The young trainee wowed the judges and P NATION’s founder Psy with his incredible dancing abilities, which may be the very reason why Tanaka Koki continued to rank high with each episode release.

Tanaka Koki on an episode of “LOUD” | SBS

And while his age alone caused some initial concern online, the real issue arose when it was revealed that Tanaka Koki was selected as one of the final 7 members to debut in P NATION’s upcoming boy group in the most recent LOUD episode.

Tanaka Koki (second from the right) being announced in P NATION’s final boy group lineup | SBS

Being a trainee at his young age is concerning on its own, but the fact that he will be debuting in the latter half of 2021 became a hot topic online, as netizens began to express their concerns for Tanaka Koki.

| theqoo
  • “He’s so young…”
  • “? He’s so young? They should put similar aged kids together. What is this.”
  • “He’s a babyㅠ”
  • “And he’s a foreigner…?”
  • “How are you supposed be a fan of an elementary student. He’s too young.”
  • “Seriously, what the heck is this.”
  • “Even if he’s really talented, I thought he wouldn’t make it because he’s so young, but he’s in the final debut lineup? What are they going to do?”
Tanaka Koki (center) crying after being announced as one of the final P NATION boy group’s line up | SBS

P NATION has not responded to the growing concerns about Tanaka Koki’s young age and his upcoming debut.

LOUD will be releasing its finale episode on SBS this upcoming Saturday, September 11. Both JYP Entertainment’s and P NATION’s final boy group lineup will be making their official debut on this episode, as they reveal their debut single titles.

Source: theqoo