P1Harmony’s Keeho Picked Up A Fan’s Dropped Fake Nail And Chaos Ensued

Seems like they were meant to be!

It all started when boy group P1Harmony turned on a live stream after their fansign event on April 17, 2022. Member Keeho was sporting a red nail on his index finger, prompting questions from everyone. He shared that he had picked the stick-on nail up from the floor and decided to try it on.

Keeho explaining about the nail. | @p1hsarang/Twitter

When member Intak asked about it, Keeho generously helped Intak try it on.

Keeho helping Intak with the nail. | @p1hsarang/Twitter

Intak looked very proud of the nail, which matched his fourth finger perfectly.

Intak and the nail. | @p1hsarang/Twitter

Fans began to call it “nailderella” due to the resemblances to the fairytale Cinderella, where Prince Charming searches for his princess, who lost a slipper. They didn’t need to wait long before their princess showed up. When the moment went viral, a fan quickly stepped up to claim the nail as hers.

@xxtemis uploaded a photo of her manicure with the missing nail.

Ah, f*ck. I’m going to die from laughter right now. Ah, I can’t breathe.

— @xxtemis

She bought a stick-on manicure from the brand OHORA NAILS to get a quick manicure before the fansign. Unfortunately, as these type of manicures are meant to be temporary, one nail must’ve fallen off during her time at the event. In a hilarious twist of events, the nail had been picked up by Keeho.

She uploaded the product she had used for curious fans.

Fans from all over the world are cracking up at the coincidence.

Do you believe in fate?

— @ddalgicogi

No but is this nailderella or something? They say recently, you don’t lose a shoe but a fake nail.

— @isfp_character

One fan even compared it to the iconic show, How I Met Your Mother. Fans are now hoping that the issue will make it back to Keeho’s ears so that he can react to the funny moment of fate. This is certainly one of the more unique fan stories we’ve ever seen!