P1Harmony’s Soul Appears To Mouth The N-Word During A Live Broadcast — Fans Demand An Explanation

Fans seeking to educate.

Fans are asking for an explanation from FNC Entertainment following P1Harmony Soul‘s alleged mouthing of the N-Word during a live broadcast.

P1Harmony’s Soul | FNC Entertainment

On August 8, Soul went live on Weverse from a practice room, dancing and chatting with fans for nearly 2 hours. About an hour into the live, Soul danced to The Dream‘s “I Luv Your Girl,” lip-syncing some of the lyrics.

| P1Harmony/Weverse
| P1Harmony/Weverse

When the n-word comes up in the song, Soul appears to mouth the word. He continues to lip-sync after this moment before changing the music.

| P1Harmony/Weverse

Fans viewing the clip have mixed feelings about whether or not he mouthed the n-word, with one side claiming he “obviously” used the word. Others feel he was mouthing gibberish unrelated to the song and did not come close to mouthing the n-word.

As a result of this ambiguity, many are requesting an explanation from FNC Entertainment and are seeking to educate Soul on whether he did indeed mouth the n-word or not, with no hate towards the idol.

In the past, P1Harmony’s Keeho mentioned that the group tries to remain respectful regarding other cultures when it comes to cultural appropriation and the usage of AAVE specifically, giving many fans hope that this issue will be addressed by the company shortly.

As of writing, the full video of the live stream is still up on the group’s Weverse account.

| P1Harmony/Weverse