“Parasite” Confirms Jessica Jung Was Originally Mentioned In The Script

Kijung is really Jessica Jung.

Parasite (2019) is thriller film gaining global attention for its plot, direction, and overall positive reception.

This award-winning movie directed by Bong Joon Ho just released its original script to the public.


To the surprise of many, a line in the script spoken by one of the main characters, Ki-Woo (Choi Woosik), mentioned a specific celebrity.


This was none other than Jessica Jung, former member of Girls’ Generation.

The lines were as follows:


This is official confirmation that the idol was supposed to be mentioned in the original script.


Ki-Woo remembered Jessica for her luxury brand Blanc & Eclare which she launched in 2014.


He was actually referencing another main character, Jessica or Kijung (Park Sodam) who plays a fake art therapy teacher in the film.


Now netizens are loving the direct mention of the former Girls’ Generation member.


Parasite is a film about greed and class discrimination as explained in the relationship between the wealthy Park family and the poor Kim family.

Source: reddit

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