“Parasite” Actor Park Myung Hoon To Appear In Korean Remake Of Netflix’s “Money Heist”

Here’s all we know about the remake so far.

South Korea’s version of popular Spanish mystery thriller Money Heist has finalized its main cast. Although the line up consists of many talented actors such as Yoo Ji Tae, Kim Yun Jin, Jun Jong Seo, Lee Joo Bin and Kim Sung Oh, the spotlight has been placed on Park Hae Soo and Park Myung Hoon.

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Park Hae Soo has been known to do well in crime or mystery flicks, with Chimera, Time To Hunt and more. He also puts his own melancholic twist on things, such as his role opposite IU in Persona, as well as with Krystal in The Prison Playbook.

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Park Myung Hoon further raises anticipation in his role as a hostage, Cho Young Min. He famously played a different kind of hostage in global hit Parasite. You may not recognize him without the dirt smudged over his face but he played the role of the housekeeper’s husband, hidden away below the main house.

He also appeared in Crash Landing On You in a supporting role as a North Korean militant.

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Although the show will be heavily adapted from the Spanish original, fans are excited to see how the story will play out with the South Korean landscape as a backdrop. The series will have a total of 12 episodes and will air on Netflix. A release date has yet to be announced.

Source: OSEN