“Parasite” Park So Dam Undergoes Testing For Coronavirus Due To Contact With A Confirmed Case

She is waiting for the results.

Parasite and Record of Youth star Park So Dam has been revealed to have undergone tests for the coronavirus. Her agency, Park Company, reported to media outlets that the young actress had come in contact with a confirmed case for the virus.

It was reported that one of the staff around Park So Dam had been reported to have contracted the virus. Following which, Park So Dam went for testing on 5 December and is currently awaiting results.

The staff had visited Park So Dam’s theatre performance site and had a meeting with the actress. As for the visitors of the theatre, it was reported that due to appropriate precautionary measures being taken, there should not have been possible future spread of the virus.

| Park Company

The play will halt for the next two weeks however, just as a precautionary measure. The agency will further report on Park So Dam’s status after the results are out.

Source: Star Today