Park Bo Gum gives fans insight on his past and present relationships on KBS “1 Night 2 Days”

In the most recent episode of KBS‘s 1 Night 2 Days, actor Park Bo Gum shortly talked about his past and current relationship status, as well as answering questions about Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri, Kim Yoo Jung, and Red Relvet‘s Irene.

Rising star and actor Park Bo Gum made his very first guest appearance on the popular variety show, 1 Night 2 Days, on the 21st alongside the other special guest, comedian Kim Joon Hyun. On this day, the cast members and guests took a special road trip-style “freedom vacation” to the countryside of Jecheon, Chungbuk, South Korea.

During the car ride to their vacation destination, original cast member Kim Jong Min asked Park Bo Gum whether or not he was currently dating someone, which Park then replied, “No, I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment.

Because the cast members did not hear the answer they had expected to hear, member Defconn continued to poke at the actor with relationship questions, asking, “You currently don’t have a girlfriend, but have you ever dated girls before at all?” in which Park Bo Gum answered he did, in fact, have some dating experience from the past.

Kim Jong Min then asked the slightly uncomfortable, yet silly question that all the other cast members had wanted to ask, but didn’t have the courage to, “Kim Yoo Jung or Irene, who do you choose?

Since Park has worked with both Red Velvet’s Irene in the past on KBS Music Bank and is currently working with actress Kim Yoo Jung for the upcoming KBS drama, “Midnight Drawn By Clouds”, many viewers anticipated a “juicy” answer. However, the actor responded with the safer answer, “I like them both equally.

Now a little agitated at the actor’s boring answers, Kim Jong Min then asked, “How about between Hyeri and Irene?” in which a laughing Park Bo Gum answered, “Hyung, these questions are getting too boring.

Source: Newsen, News1, Busan News