Park Bo Gum Is Looking Happy And Dapper In A Surprise ON MY GIRL Cover Video

Look at him play the keyboard!

If you missed seeing Park Bo Gum‘s face, look no further because the actor has recently made a surprise appearance in a cover video! The actor has been busy serving his mandatory military service, as he finishes up his time with the navy. And while it’s been a long year without the actor on our screens, Park Bo Gum recently popped up in a surprising place.

Actor Park Bo Gum.

The Republic of Korea Navy’s YouTube channel recently uploaded a cover video of OH MY GIRL‘s “Bungee” and guess who was in it? Mr. Park Bo Gum! Almost as soon as the video starts, viewers can see the handsome actor decked in his sailor uniform playing the keyboard.

As the song progresses and his fellow sailors sing the lyrics to “Bungee,” Park Bo Gum can be seen captured with a bright smile on his face!

He was also captured enjoying the song, as he sang along to the catchy lyrics of OH MY GIRL’s song.

Aw, he looks so happy! We can’t wait for him to return from his service, but in the meantime, be sure to watch the Republic of Korea Navy’s entire cover video of OH MY GIRL’s “Bungee” down below.

Source: theqoo