Park Bo Gum “Look-Alike” Under Massive Fire For Promoting The Real Park Bo Gum’s New Drama

“You really crossed the line this time.” — Netizen

Park Bo Gum‘s “look-alike”, Kim Min Seo is under massive fire for promoting the real Park Bo Gum’s new drama.

| @MinSeoGongYi/YouTube

Park Bo Gum’s latest drama, Record of Youth just came out following his military enlistment, but Kim Min Seo, who is famously known as Park Bo Gum’s look-alike, posted a video of himself cheering Park Bo Gum on his new drama, which is now under massive fire by netizens.

| @MinSeoGongYi/YouTube

In the video, Kim Min Seo stated,

I’m posting a video because I’m such a big fan of Park Bo Gum. Park Bo Gum is in the military now, but the drama will be a hit.

— Kim Min Seo

And netizens think he crossed the line.

| @MinSeoGongYi/YouTube
| @MinSeoGongYi/YouTube

Ahead of this incident, Kim Min Seo went viral online after appearing on a TV show claiming that his biggest worry was the fact that he resembles Park Bo Gum.

But following the show, Kim Min Seo posted various photos imitating Park Bo Gum, which many netizens criticized to be an attempt at using noise marketing to his advantage.

| @kms02.02/Instagram

For that reason, Kim Min Seo is receiving additional criticism for talking about Park Bo Gum once again in a new YouTube video.

Check out the full support clip below:

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