“Oh F*ck, It Already Sounds Lit” — Park Bo Gum Reportedly To Play A Policeman In New Drama, “Good Boy”

Netizens love it already.

Park Bo Gum will be reportedly starring in a new K-Drama, Good Boy. On July 14, 2023, an industry insider tipped off Korean media that Park Bo Gum had been cast as the lead in the drama.

Good Boy tells the tale of a former boxing athlete who gets hired as a policeman due to a special hire opportunity for Olympians. The lead, Yoon Dong Joo, to be played by Park Bo Gum, has to end his life as an athlete after an unfortunate accident.

His athlete pension gets cut off and he begins to worry for his future. He joins other athletes with similar problems as part of an “Olympian Avengers” police team. In order to deal with strong and cruel criminals, a special task force has to be created. These former athletes are hired so that they can use their individual skills from their past careers to fight against evil.

Netizens are highly anticipating Good Boy as Park Bo Gum’s next work.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • We have Life On Mars’ writer and the director for Monster, and Park Bo Gum’s character looks good too. Seems like it’s gonna be lit.
  • Gasp, Park Bo Gum is working so hard! The writer and the director are both good. Let’s gooooo! A policeman who used to be a boxer, how great.
  • Oh f*ck, it already sounds lit.
  • Gasp, Park Bo Gum!!! Is this his next work? Can I be excited? Can I already be hyped for it?
  • Yoon Dong Joo already sounds great.
  • Wow, daebak.
  • Oh, it’s gonna be fun.

Seems like the new drama will be a great one!

Source: Theqoo