Park Bo Gum Performed BTS, TWICE And More At Latest Fan Meeting

Is there anything he can’t do?

Actor Park Bo Gum recently held a fan meeting in the Philippines and showed off his extraordinary dancing skills!

Fans were blown away with his performance of BTS’s “Boys with Luv” that he learned from his bestie, V.


But that’s not all he did at the fan meeting! Those lucky enough to attend the event were able to see numerous performances by the talented Park Bo Gum. He also performed “What is Love?” by TWICE


SEVENTEEN‘s “Pretty U”…


Which he confessed that he had only learned the day before!


He also sang “I Will Be Here” accompanied by his beautiful piano playing, making fans swoon.


And of course, he couldn’t not do his legendary “Boombastic” dance!


What is it that Park Bo Gum can’t do? Check out more on Park Bo Gum’s fan meeting on the following clip of Access Showbiz Tonight!

Source: Naver TV