Park Bo Gum Takes “Revenge” On Oh My Girl’s Mimi In A Recent Instagram Post

He “challenged” the idol directly.

An unexpected mention of Oh My Girl‘s Mimi in Park Bo Gum‘s latest Instagram post has gained fans’ attention, given that the two artists have never crossed paths, at least in public.

Park Bo Gum | @bogummy/Instagram
Oh My Girl’s Mimi | @mimmiiiya/Instagram

But in reality, the two have a little bit of a history, albeit a very recent one. Last month, during an episode of tvN‘s variety show Earth Arcade 2, Mimi was playing a rapid-fire game where she had to recognize the people in the pictures shown to her within a few seconds. When the host showed her a photo of Lee Seo Jin, Mimi wrongly guessed it to be “Cute Kim Seo Jin,” making the room burst into laughter.

The next photo was of Park Bo Gum, and this time too, the pressure won against Mimi’s reflexes as she blurted out “Kim Bum Soo” in answer. The rest of the cast laughed, saying, “We can’t save you with this answer.” The Oh My Girl member later apologized to Park Bo Gum, saying, “Taek-ah, I love you,” referring to Park Bo Gum’s character in Reply 1988Na PD, the host of the show, then revealed that Park Bo Gum is actually an avid watcher of the show, flustering Mimi even more.

While these hilariously wrong guesses are the entire point of this game and have happened to many celebrities before, it looks like Park Bo Gum still wanted his payback. On July 11, KST, the actor uploaded a video of him doing the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to support the establishment of South Korea’s first hospital dedicated to treating ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

In the caption, Park Bo Gum nominated Kwak Dong YeonThe Boyz member Q, and Mimi as the next runners of this challenge. While the first two are known to be friends with the actor, Mimi has no particular connection to him, except for her hilarious “Kim Bum Soo” incident. So, fans are convinced that Park Bo Gum nominated her after watching Earth Arcade 2.

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  • “Mr. Kim Beom So has chosen Mimi.”

Meanwhile, Korean celebrities are bringing back the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to help raise funds for Korea’s first dedicated hospital for ALS patients. The challenge originally went viral in 2014, encouraging people who are nominated to dump ice on themselves to simulate the numbing effects of the ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)  disease. Those who do not want to take up the challenge can opt to donate to a charity. In Korea, Jinusean’s Sean revived this challenge in 2018 to support the construction of the ALS hospital is being funded by Seungil Hope Foundation. Apart from Park Bo Gum, celebrities like IU and Lee Joo Young have already completed this challenge, and more are expected to join as they respond to their nominations.