Park Bo Young Is Preparing To Make Her Drama Comeback and End Her Hiatus

Park Bo Young is back!

Park Bo Young will reportedly be ending her hiatus and making her drama comeback in a new destruction themed drama.

According to an exclusive report from Sports World, Park Bo Young was offered the role of Tak Dong Kyung, the female lead for One Day Destruction Came To Our Door. If she were to accept, this would mark her first drama since August 2018 when she starred in tvN series Abyss. Back in November 2019, Park Bo Young took a hiatus for a serious arm injury.

Park Bo Young Will Be Going On Temporary Hiatus Due To A Serious Arm Injury

One Day Destruction Came To Our Door is a drama written by Im Meari, the writer for JTBC‘s Beauty Inside. The drama will be about a desperate situation the protagonist faces, as she lived a very turbulent life comparable to a prank from the heavens. When she screams towards the sky, destruction begins. The drama is a story showing the characters’ lives before their deaths.

Park Bo Young’s character Tak Dong Kyung is the female lead who faces such destruction. She was able to overcome the fate given by the heavens as a child and turned into an ordinary adult, but her ordinary life is bland. She is a web novel editor and has no goals or dreams. One day, a shocking fact that will change her life is revealed.

There are currently no details on the possible broadcasting station for the drama or when the drama may be airing.

Source: Sports World