Park Bo Gum Makes Hearts Flutter With His New Unexpected Certification

We’d never have expected this!

Actor Park Bo Gum has been hard at work in the army. While he has always been the heartthrob of his generation, it seems like he has recently made his fans’ hearts beat even faster with some unexpected but pleasant news.

In the South Korean army, the soldiers are encouraged to use their down time to study for exams or other certifications. Other than during special trainings, soldiers have a solid few hours daily after dinner to either reconnect with the world through their handphones or improve themselves. Off days can be used to take exams or other tests. Through this, many soldiers end up with a variety of certifications by the time they finish their service. While the obvious choice would be certifications such as TOEIC for English or other certifications that can boost your resume, Park Bo Gum went for a surprising route.

It was reported in the news that he received a certification for barbering in December 2021. He passed the practical test for barbers then. The news was only reported on February 2, 2022 though.

Park Bo Gum had chosen to study barbering because he often helped shave fellow recruits’ heads during service and he wanted to prove his skills through an official certification.

Well, we suppose he doesn’t really need other skillsets with his future set for him as an actor after he discharges in April 2022!


Source: Yonhap