“He Turned It Into Praise Music” — Park Bo Gum And BIGBANG Taeyang’s Performance Gains Attention But Not In The Way You’d Expect

We love fans’ humor!

Park Bo Gum and BIGBANG‘s Taeyang performed the post beautiful version of “Seed” on the rooftop recently.

The collaboration was a surprise to many as Park Bo Gum usually does not promote musically. The last time fans heard him sing was probably during his pre-enlistment fanmeeting where he sang as a special treat to fans.

With Park Bo Gum joining THE BLACK LABEL recently as an actor, fans were surprised, but not taken aback at the guest featuring. Hilariously, what caused it to go viral on social media was actually due to Park Bo Gum’s strong “church oppa” image! Many felt that Park Bo Gum on the piano turned it into Contemporary Christian Music (CCM)!

It’s like a Korean church, sigh.

— buddhalovesmeaf

It’s like a Korean church. It’s f*cking holy.

— zzangprincess_

It’s like chapel time.

— 2jonjalnugu

It’s like CCM.

— gosushu

The lyrics itself sounded so much like a praise song!

LOL just so happens the lyrics sound like a praise song.

— estell927

What a way to turn a sweet love song into a church choir song! Of course, many fans were simply pleased to see Park Bo Gum show off his piano skills after so many years.

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