Park Bo Gum To Discharge From Army In April 2022

He may be able to be released earlier though.

Actor Park Bo Gum has always put fans at ease with how well he was adapting to the military. Not only did he make sure to update fans through promotional videos…

…he was recently promoted to a sergeant in the navy! According to a member of staff in the military, he had been promoted on November 1. Park Bo Gum previously enlisted in the navy in August 2020, under the military band due to his outstanding musical abilities. He plays the keyboard in the band.

Now, the long-awaited day for fans has finally come! It was confirmed that Park Bo Gum would be discharged from military duties on April 30, 2022. While he is officially free from his duties to the nation on that date, it is possible that he may be released from the military base earlier. This is due to the social distancing measures which allow army men to be discharged without return to the base, if they are on leave up to their discharge date.


It is speculated that Park Bo Gum will be able to be released from the base as early as late March as he has accumulated over a month’s worth of unused leave.

Fans will absolutely love this news! We can’t wait to see Park Bo Gum back on the screen.

Source: Yonhap