Actor Park Bo Gum Spotted Hanging Out At Korean Socialite’s Brunch Party With Parisians

The socialite is friends with many stars.

Actor Park Bo Gum recently headed to Paris for the Music Bank in Paris concert. He joined the Music Bank team once more as he took on the role of the MC for the night.

Park Bo Gum at the airport on the way to Paris. | Dispatch

He fulfilled his duties as an MC to the fullest, even making a surprise appearance in a performance with THE BOYZ.

What surprised fans even more was when they spotted him on the Instagram of a Korean socialite. Suri, or Park Su Yeon, the socialite in question, had hosted an intimate brunch party with her friends. Park Bo Gum made a stop and enjoyed some food with the Parisians.

| @surisuy/Instagram

He was spotted slicing up some iced pound cake.

| @surisuy/Instagram

It seems like he stopped by on his last day in Paris before his flight.

He was spotted in the same outfit on the way to the airport for his flight back to Incheon.

This is not the first time that the socialite has hobnobbed with K-Pop and K-Drama stars. She’s constantly invited to fashion shows, such as when she met NewJeansHanni at the recent Gucci show.

| @surisuy/Instagram

She’s also met stars in more private settings, displaying her close-knit relationship with them. Here’s Suri and CL catching up.

| @surisuy/Instagram

She is also particularly close to actor Go Kyung Pyo, with him gracing her lifestyle, art, and fashion brand events.

| @surisuy/Instagram

Not much is known about the socialite-cum-influencer, except that she works in multiple hustles, including an art curator, a brand CEO, a DJ, and an influencer.