Park Bom Opens Up About 2NE1 Members And The Possibility Of Reuniting Again

Will 2NE1 get back together?

Park Bom held a showcase for her new solo album, “Spring”, where a reporter asked about the possibility of 2NE1 reuniting for a new album.


She commented about how each of the members are currently busy promoting their own schedules, so it may not seem likely in the near future, but she’s more than willing to get together again.

“Right now, the members are busy with their individual promotions, but if given the chance, I want us to reunite.”

— Park Bom


She also commented on how thankful she was for Yang Hyun Suk to promote her new album. Perhaps since YG’s on board with her comeback, a 2NE1 reunion may not be completely hopeless after all!

“I’m very thankful that (CEO Yang Hyun Suk) gave me his support.”

— Park Bom


Although a 2NE1 reunion is still a hopeful wish, Park Bom promised to “greet everyone with good music this year“, and asked for “lots of love” in her new song, “Spring”!


And the fans are right behind her as her new song has been on a steep climb since its debut! It’s marked incredibly high on multiple music charts, ensuring that its on its way to hit #1 on MelOn soon!


Welcome back to the music scene, Queen Park Bom!

Source: News1